Middle Eastern Spices - Lord Aleksei Dmitriev
Intimidated by the wide variety of spices used in middle eastern cooking? Not sure what goes into a proper curry? Come learn about the different spices, how to obtain them, and how to mix them to get authentic flavors from India, Persia, and Northern Africa.

Running a Siege Cooking contest- Una the wise-woman
How to get total strangers to cook your feast for you, and be grateful for the chance to do so. It's been called "Iron Chef on steroids and wearing medieval clothes". The results depend on how well you, the contest coordinator, plan. I've been doing these for many years. Learn from my mistakes.

How to Eat well at Camping Events' - Baron Valerian of Somerset and Master Luke Knowlton.
Learn how to plan for, transport, cook, and serve full meals at camping events, whether cooking for your own family, your camp, or more.

Getting to know Medieval Herbs & Spices - Mistress Morwenna Westerne & Master Aleksandr Ruslanovich Kievchanin
A hands-on (an nose-on and taste buds-on) introduction to a wide variety of herbs and spices used in medieval and renaissance cooking. Try your hand a grinding spices in a mortar and pestle. Taste, touch, and see spices that were commonly used in historic cooking, but which are little-used today. Material Fee: $1 needs to be scheduled early in the day

Making a Medieval Meal from Pre-Prepared Food - Lord Aleksei Dmitriev
Come discuss the best period foods that can be found pre-prepared from your local market. What stores have the best selections? What sorts of foods can you find that fit your persona's time and region? How can you transport and store food you bring to events in a period-looking way? Bring your ideas to share!

Animal Dressing - Arastorm
How to dress a small animal- I demonstrate on a real rabbit(which will be eaten later). Theory and practice- what comes off, what comes out, what is different about larger animals. How to keep everything clean so you'll want to eat it, and eat other things cooked in that area too.

Anglo-Saxon Food and Cooking - Arastorm
The foods and drinks available to the Anglo-Saxons, methods of preparation, and social customs associated with food, lay and monastic foods.

Cooking with the Tannur - Baron Valerian of Sommerset (1 hour, outdoors)
The Tannur, known by similar names throughout the middle east, central asia, and India, is a wood/charcoal fired clay or ceramic cooker that allows a range of cooking techniques. This class will give a brief history of this tool and where it was used, describe how it works and how to use it, and demonstrate several cooking techniques on a modern, commercially available version of the cooker. Food samples will be provided. Please bring feast gear if you would like to sample food.

Bawarid: - Safiya
Make-ahead, (relatively) easy dishes from the medieval Middle East that are intended to be served at room temperature. Samples will be provided, so bring your feast gear.

Eastern Sweets: - Safiya
a look at period desserts and confections from the Middle East. Samples will be provided, so bring your feast gear.

A few in-period cakes and sweets" - Baroness Johanna Dudley
We will discuss some period sources and recipes and sample a few treats.
limited to first 10 students. 2 hours long, in-kitchen. (note early in day)

Successful Food Plan - Mistress Eleanore MacCarthaigh & Mistress Pagan Greame There are many ways to plan, run and manage a successful food plan for Pennsic or other events. We run the Barony of Bergental's popular plan, there are people who buy into it that don't even camp with us! But we are not the only ones and we know it! This is a session meant to share ideas with those who are considering starting a plan, have a plan that could use adjustment or want to share successes that work for them. Bring writing implements to write down thoughts and ideas you like.
1 hour long, classroom space, all experience levels

Care and Feeding of Cast Iron - Mistress Eleanore MacCarthaigh Do you have troubled cast iron? Do you find it too hard to clean? Does your food burn? Does the process of curing confuse you? Do you want to buy cast iron but not know the difference between one or another? Come to this class! I know all the easy ways! If you have a rusty disaster in your cupboards bring it along and I can help you with it!
1 hour long, kitchen space, all experience levels

Practical and Easy Food Planning - Mistress Eleanore MacCarthaigh I am a math idiot. We are mortal enemies - grrrr. But I plan feasts and dayboards that have little waste or leftovers and are within budget - without stuffing my guests to the breaking point or losing my mind! We will also cover subjects that will address the need to reduce event food prices and menu construction.
1 hour, classroom space, all experience levels

All About Eggs - Lady Cassandra
Eggs being a necessary ingredient of many dishes, just what are they really and where do they come from and what is involved in getting them to the kitchen? Learn what concerns the poultry keeper and the cook have getting eggs from the bird to the kitchen and into the dish.

Carving Poultry - Luke Knowlton
This class will cover historical information about carving in the Middle Ages, including bread preparation, presentation and accompaniments, as well as anatomy of commonly served types of poultry. The students will then practice carving a chicken. Class is limited to 5 hands on participants, who can then take home their carved bird. Materials cost $7. Unlimited auditors.