Welcome to the Girl Genius game! Here we are collecting information.

Welcome to Transpolygnostic University's matriculating class! As new members of the Department of Interactive and Meddlesome Literature, you are now entering into a (possibly short) life filled with drama and excitement! Here you will learn the arts of Variant History, Interpretive Psychology and Spark Imitation, along with a class of similarly motivated and fear-filled students!

To begin your program of study, you will first prepare for a day of Hypothetical Speculative Manipulative Events, in the form of the game "Agatha Heterodyne and the Perfect Construct". In the coming months (after you have paid your student fees, of course), you will receive the opportunity to portray such significant historical figures as Gilgamesh Wulfenbach, Othar Tryggvassen (Gentleman Adventurer!), or even the Lady Heterodyne herself.

(Or Jaegermonsters, yes. Why does everyone want to play Jaegermonsters? There will be a senior seminar studying Jaeger Fixation and the Evolution of the Hat, beginning next autumn.)

Please arrange yourselves in an orderly line in front of the form, and send it in as soon as you can. The Administration thanks you for joining us here at TransPolyU.

What: GG game!
When: May 6th 2012, 10am OR 4pm
Where: Camelot cohousing - 69 Village Court Berlin MA 01503
Why: To raise funds for Becky and Anna's Komen 3Day walk